Rad Women

Rad Women

Weds. 5/1; doors open at 11:30am for lunch, program is 12-1:15pm.

The Hamilton Boulevard Building at Cedar Crest College


Aunyéa Lachelle
Digital Reporter & Producer, 6abc, WPVI-TV

Aunyéa Lachelle is a digital reporter, producer, and community affairs coordinator for 6abc, WPVI-TV. She is the co-creator, host, and editor of ‘6abc Entertainment Now’. In addition to digital reporting,  Aunyéa produces and edits content for the programming department. Aunyéa also serves as the brand ambassador for Burlington Stores, where she hosts content for their digital and social media platforms. In addition, Aunyéa Lachelle has a YouTube series where she gives hilarious yet insightful commentary on the latest trending topics.

Erin Allsman
Brownstein Group, APR, Managing Director

Erin Allsman is Brownstein Group’s first-ever Managing Director, overseeing the agency’s brand strategy, public relations, social media and digital practices while also leading the agency’s long-term growth and specialization strategies. In her first year in this role, Allsman spearheaded an agency re-branding and several workplace improvement and agency communications initiatives in addition to contributing to one of the firm’s highest growth margins in its 54-year history.

Kristine McPherson
The Famus Agency

Kristine McPherson was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon, she realized the need to make sure information, in any form, is effectively communicated to the world. This led to her returning to CMU to complete a Master’s degree in Professional Writing. With an understanding of how to deliver a message at the right place and the right time, Kristine began a career in marketing and advertising. Going from agency, to publisher, and then to brand side has allowed her to work on several brands like Caesars Entertainment, Universal Pictures, JetBlue, Converse, and so many more, in planning, creative, executing and analyzing marketing efforts. In 2018, she started The Famus Agency, for marketing and PR services, where she lives by the message that “Powerful Marketing Will Always Be Recognized.”

Kristan Davis
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Kristan Davis proudly leads a large and diversely skilled team as the Director of Digital Learning and Education Technology for Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. Her team of Instructional Designers, Learning Management System administrators, system trainers, technical writers, and copywriters, all focus on providing frictionless consumer experiences and pushing the boundaries to improve learning. Kristan has led her team to convert in-person electronic health records (EHR) system training to a predominantly online learning environment, reducing physician training time by approximately 70% and saving the organization approximately $3 million. Kristan is the first female director in Jefferson’s DICE Group (Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience Group).

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