AdYack Season Two: Episode 2, David Hoffeld

This episode’s guest is David Hoffeld. David is the CEO and chief sales trainer of Hoffeld group and is the author of the groundbreaking book the science of selling, and has a brand new book coming out in March, Sell More with Science. David yacks it up on a bunch of interesting topics that include knowing the difference between persuasion and manipulation, how to get out of a sales slump, how to use social proof and your presentations, and why salespeople need to focus on the buying process, not the selling process. He also talks about why he believes your personal life and your business life are linked.

Because of the results David’s insights generate, he’s lectured at Harvard Business School, has been featured in Fast Company fortune, US News and World Report. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, CBS Radio, Fox News, radio and more. This guy really knows his stuff. And he was gracious enough to take the time to share his insights and knowledge with us on ad Yak.

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