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The AAF/Greater Lehigh Valley Advertising Club is an organization that brings together the broadest range of communications professionals who work and live in our community: advertising agency employees, print vendors, interactive experts, media reps, PR people, in-house marketing teams, photographers, package designers and communications students from area colleges.

Through our various committees, the board keeps the club running at peak efficiency as well as strategizing and implementing all of our events throughout the year.

Our Mission: Bringing together industry professionals and students through relevant events, volunteerism, and recognition of exceptional work within the first and only Lehigh Valley advertising and marketing organization.

Our Team

The Board of Directors of the AAF/Greater Lehigh Valley Ad Club is composed of the region’s leading advertising and communications professionals. We work to organize events and mentorship through the GLV Ad Club, as well as oversee all aspects of the GLV Ad Club’s work to provide comprehensive learning and networking opportunities to its membership.

AAF GLV Executive Committee

Sarah Sterner-Hausknecht President

Sarah Sterner-Hausknecht

Andrea Guarino Vice President

Andrea Guarino

Angela Kilburg Secretary

Angela Kilburg

Sheila Youst Executive Administrator

Sheila Youst

Board Members as Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Sarah Dams Creative Chair

Sarah Dams

Sue Kovaks Programming Chair

Sue Kovaks

Dannah Hartman Communications Chair

Dannah Hartman

Angela Kilburg Education Chair

Angela Kilburg

Suzanne Stianche Membership Chair

Suzanne Stianche

Colin Coleman Sponsorship Chair

Colin Coleman

Andrea Guarino Advertising Awards (ADDY) Co-Chair

Andrea Guarino

Kelly Palenchar Advertising Awards (ADDY) Co-Chair

Kelly Palenchar

Bill Childs Podcast Chair, Member Emeritus

Bill Childs

Alex Cook Member-at-Large

Alex Cook

Julie Moyer Member-at-Large

Julie Moyer

Diane McKee Member-at-Large

Diane McKee

Marcus Davila Student Board Member

Marcus Davila

Our Members

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