AdYack Season Two: Episode 4, Tony Vengrove

Tony is a marketing and innovation veteran with over 25 years of experience driving innovation at two of New York City’s global ad agencies, Grey Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Tony experienced daily exactly how creativity gets used to drive everything from client pitches, brand strategies, messaging, design, and media placement. But on the other hand, he also witnessed how easy it was for anyone to kill a transformative idea, which led him to do a thought provoking TED Talk titled, ‘Give Ideas a Chance.’

During his agency years, he’s worked with some incredible brands, like Pepperidge Farms, Ultra Slim Fast, and “Tough Actin'” Tinactin, along with Litchfield Distillery and Create-a-Castle, a 2020 ‘Toy Of The Year’ award winner that allows anyone to build amazing sand castles in minutes.

Continuing his creative journey, he formed Miles Finch Innovation, a marketing and innovation consultancy, where he is a sought-after advisor for marketing and strategy advice for businesses and non-profits across multiple industries.

Our conversation with Tony revealed a deep working knowledge and zen-like comprehension of how creativity works and why it matters. Tony and I yak it up on topics ranging from how business leaders must better manage their creative teams to his keen understanding of how to set up a creative culture inside a business. Tony’s a deep thinker, an explorer, and a dreamer and as you’ll learn after listening to our conversation. So here is our Ad Yack with Tony Vengrove.

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