Spotlight on Gwenn Lundy

Spotlight on Gwenn Lundy

Our first #AAFSpotlight of 2018 shines on Gwenn Lundy. Gwenn is an Art Director at Klunk & Millan Advertising.

Searching through Suitcase for that PERFECT font … exhilarating or exhausting?
Both! It depends on the project, and how much time I have to devote to the hunt. That perfectly elegant sans serif font with just a smidge of character, or that eloquently timeless, yet not-remotely-stuffy serif font with a complete family of options? … both still elusive. Or, maybe it’s my taste that keeps changing?
Hard to tell.

As an Art Director, do you find it difficult to sometimes delegate responsibilities to others?
Absolutely. I like things done a certain way! However, our agency is a very collaborative environment. Our projects generally begin with a discovery session or a kick-off meeting where we discuss all of the client “must-haves” and critical information. We’re also usually aligned by a creative brief. From there, our creative process can take a series of iterations, but we have a good flow of creativity. Many of us have been working together for a long time, so we work very well together—there’s a comfortability and familiarity there.

On average, how many sketches do you do before starting a project on the computer?
It really depends on what I’m working on. If concept work begins with a sketch it is quickly translated to digital. For logos, I’ll sketch what feels like eleventy-million (my fave number, btw) options. Annual reports, sell sheets, and trade show graphics tend to be dictated by a company’s branding, or existing concepts, so I might work on a couple quick sketches just to get things rolling. Then there are the times where I need to get a project from concept to client-approved to out-the-door—all in less than 8 hours—so I’ll go right to digital for that.

We also get to do a lot of work where we can truly flex our creative muscles. Projects we get to ideate a creative concept, incorporate client’s key messages, storyboard it, pitch various concepts, and take it all the way home through production and execution. When you see the finished product in broadcast or in print, those are the exciting moments.

All the computers explode tomorrow! Do you save the day with your hand-rendered letterform skills?
Yes! I’ve got to show off those old school skills by creating the perfectly hand-rendered look!

What artistic talent or skill have you not had an opportunity to incorporate into your professional work … yet.
Hmmm. That’s a tough one. Photography… check. Design…check. Artistic sensibility…check. One of our account leads has even been known to put me on the spot in meetings and ID paper stock weights. With such a diverse roster of clients I’ve been able to utilize many of my creative talents. But you know what I haven’t been able to sneak in? Pumpkin carving! Gotta start with the most uniquely-shaped pumpkin I can find. You know that weirdly-shaped, bumpy pumpkin that no one else would ever pick out of the pumpkin patch? That’s my fave. Best tool for the job? My trusty ol’ keyhole saw that’s been around for ages. I’m going to work that in one day! Maybe at our next Halloween party we’ll do a pumpkin carving contest.

About Gwenn:
Gwenn has been an invaluable part of the Klunk & Millan Advertising Creative Department for nearly 17 years. When asked about the secret to her success: “Coffee keeps me going”. When she’s not executing award-winning creative, she enjoys exercising, specifically running (It clears her head and helps keeps her sane). She also loves gardening and baking. If that weren’t enough, she’s Girl Scout Troop Leader for 18 Cadettes, and a happily-married Mom to two very talented teenage girls (yikes!) … and a dog.

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