Spotlight on Megan Rotondo

Spotlight on Megan Rotondo

May’s #AAFSpotlight shines on Megan Rotondo. Megan is an Associate Art Director at Keenan Nagle.

What’s your favorite media to design for? Why?
Logos. The thought that this one item identifies and defines a brand is exciting and also nerve-wracking, in a good way. The process of designing a logo is the most interesting to me. It’s challenging and thoughtful, time consuming and research-driven. I love the conceptual aspect and the idea that less is more really comes into play here.

Designers are notorious for having toys, novelty items, etc. in their office. What’s the most fun item on your desk?
A Disney Chip ‘n Dale figurine. I’m a nerd for most things Disney and also love chipmunks. My husband and I live in South Allentown where we have a ton in our yard during the summer. I find them to be incredibly irresistible but my husband is not a fan of their destructive ways.

What’s the latest article, book, etc. you’ve read about design that’s influenced you?
Actually, I really enjoy listening to design podcasts. Two of my favorites right now are Creative South Podcast and Overtime by Dribbble, which are designer interview based. I love hearing Designer’s stories, where they came from, their education, work and freelance experiences, favorite clients and projects. It’s really relatable for me, and gives me a lot of ideas on what’s current and next in the design world.

If you were auditioning fonts for a project like you would actors for a role, what questions would you ask them?
Do you come in upper and lower case? Nothing is worse to me than finding a font that I really love that seems to be in both cases, downloading it, using it – and then realizing that it doesn’t have upper and lower cases.

Do you enjoy presenting creative to clients, or is that strictly a job for Account Executives?
I personally really enjoy presenting creative work to clients. Plus, one of my favorite aspects about being at Keenan-Nagle is that all Designers are essentially account executives as well. We do a lot of client-facing work and are brought into all creative meetings. This transparency helps build a strong relationship between the client and the agency.

That initial reaction during client presentations, whether it’s good or bad, is really insightful. As a Designer you have to be prepared for the criticism. You can’t be married to a piece of work, as much as you may love it. Our job is to create for others and their audiences. I feel like the feedback in those initial creative presentations gives the best representation of what the client wants and needs.

Currently, how big is the logo? Do you see it getting bigger? The client wants to know.
It’s kind of a Goldilocks scenario … Not too big, not too small – just right. It’s all about balance. As long as the brand is identifiable and the message is clear we are right where we need to be.

About Megan:
My design career has brought me a lot of places since graduating from the College of New Jersey in 2006 with a BFA in Graphic Design. I’ve been a magazine and publishing Designer in New York, a Pre-press Operator, Freelancer, Adjunct college Instructor, Agency Designer, Senior Designer and currently Associate Art director. I’ve enjoyed this variety of design experience and am always looking to expand my skills. In my free time I started taking web design and development classes with the Girl Develop It (gdi) Lehigh Valley chapter. I’ve also expanded my Social Media Marketing experiences by volunteering for several organizations in the Lehigh Valley. In my extra free time you can find me sampling my way through one of the many awesome local craft breweries, or spending time at home with my husband, our two dogs and cat watching true crime documentaries.

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