Spotlight on Mike Plunkett

Spotlight on Mike Plunkett

We are excited to another #AAFSpotlight feature. Mike is a Senior Graphic Designer for 3Seed Marketing, Design & Interactive.

Who or what was your biggest influence that made you want to work as a creative professional?

Growing up, I always loved drawing and art class. I painted Van Gogh’s Self Portrait on my art room’s supply cabinet in the 8th grade. Legend says, it’s still there. My art teachers really helped me see my potential and encouraged me to pursue it as a career. I made it through Kutztown University’s Communication Design program and have been rockin’ ever since!

What is the strangest request you’ve ever gotten from a client?

“Can you put my coworker’s head on a baby? If you can make them dance, that would be great.” (I always enjoy a good Photoshop)

Also: “Can I make changes after it’s approved?”

If you could change one thing about your chosen field – what would it be?

Less fluorescent lighting.

Command Z is probably the most popular key-command. What’s a key command you wish existed but doesn’t?

Why Command Z when you can go Command O?

Currently, how big is the logo? Do you see it getting bigger? The client wants to know.

It’s tiny and in the corner. Maybe just half of it. Sorry logo, but there needs to be more room for the message. You guys can be friends, right?

About Mike:

I screen print in my garage, I build my own backyard games and most weekends I’m on a boat. Since graduating from KU in 2009, my hair has been many lengths. Currently, at 3Seed Marketing, Design & Interactive, I conquer my designs with shoulder-length locks in hopes of donating. What I enjoy most about working in this field is the diversity of work that I can get my hands on. From animating display ads, building e-mails, or making t-shirt graphics, there is always something different  to create. Art and design will forever be a part of my life and frame of mind. I am especially grateful that I can call it a career.

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