Ad Yack: Season 4, Episode 4: Matt Artinger and Patrick Newill

I love meeting people who are super passionate about their craft and the work they do to earn a living. Today, on the podcast, I talk to two individuals who exceed that criteria. Mr. Matt Artinger and Patrick Newill. Matt owns and operates Artinger Guitars based in Emmaus, and he was gracious enough to sit down with me on a Saturday morning and talk about the art of making guitars.

Partick works right alongside Matt in his shop, putting his stamp on a line of guitars. Matt brought Patrick in because he saw so much of himself in Patrick and wanted to provide an opportunity to pass the torch to the next generation.

Matt freely admitted that Partick inspires him, and the two often collaborate on project brainstorming sessions because Matt understands the effectiveness of what can happen when an idea can leap from brain to brain.

Matt has built over 1,000 custom guitars, and he’s not stopping. We yak it up on the importance of trial and error in doing such highly custom work, how ideas can get better when you are open to collaboration, and how they try to build magic into every guitar they make.

They are part Zen masters, part scientists, part visionaries, part electrical engineers, and Alchemists. Blending complex components and materials into something that brings joy to millions in the form of music and songs.

Matt and Partick are the type of people who love to push the boundaries to go where others may resist. That’s the mark of craftsmanship. As Matt stated in a Popular Mechanics article that featured him, “When it comes to guitars, the proof is in the playing. “As pretty as a guitar looks, it has to perform five times better, “It’s not a piece of furniture; it’s a functional piece of art.”

It was clear from our conversation that these guys love their work. They have found a way to channel their talents and shape them into a career as two of the most sought-after builders of custom guitars of their respective generations.


Here is my ad yack with Matt Artinger and Patrick Newill


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