AdYack Season Four: Episode 3, Katie P. Desiderio and Michael G. Frino

AdYack Season 4 | Episode 3, Katie P. Desiderio and Michael G. Frino

One of the topics I love to discuss on AdYack is leadership. Today on the podcast, I will explore this topic in depth with best-selling authors Katie Desiderio and Michael Frino.

Frino oversees Human Capital Development for a Fortune 500 Company, a Leadership Author, a Performance Researcher, and an Adjunct Professor. Desiderio is an Assistant Vice President of corporate-educational Partnerships, a Tenured Professor of Management at Moravian University, a Partner in Learning, and now a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author.

The duo have co-authored an excellent new book about leadership and transformational growth that looks to BEES for its inspiration. The book is called The BeeKeeper: Pollinating your organization for transformative growth. Katie and Michael sketched out the original concept behind their first book after publishing in academic journals for over a decade since earning their doctorate degrees in Organizational Learning and Leadership.

Little did they know then, but 18 days after their pizza box brainstorm, UN World Bee Day was established to protect and preserve our great pollinators who provide growth for all of us.

The book uses the story of an inspiring beekeeper and how we all can learn from how bees structure and operate their hives. We talk about organizational structure, how we can all take better care of each other at work, and how big things will happen when we all work towards a common goal. I‘ve read many business books over the years, and this one is at the top of my recommended list.

Fun fact: I was introduced to Katie for the first time in May 2017 when she gave a commencement address during my daughter’s graduation from Moravian University. It was while listening to her meaningful words about enjoying the present moment and feeling grateful that I could shift my mood. Even though I was upset about having terrible seats and being soaked from the rain that fell earlier in the day, her impactful words helped me change my mindset. She allowed me to witness and celebrate my daughter’s accomplishments with the proper attitude. To me, that’s why Katie is such a great leader.

We talk about that commencement address, the power of positive change, growth mindsets, creativity, and company culture, and how we can all learn what it means to place ourselves at the core of learning and growth for the people in your organization. Prepare to BEE inspired, entertained, and enlightened.

Here is my AdYack with Katie Desiderio and Michael Frino.


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