Ad Yack: Season 4, Episode 6: Cat Barnstone

On this episode of the on the podcast, I talk with Catherine Barnstone, who’s father had a tremendous impact on me during the time I studied with him at his art school in Coplay, PA. I’m referring to Mr. Myron Barnstone, a master painter before becoming an internationally respected fine arts teacher. Myron sadly passed away in 2016 at the age of 83. Since then, his daughter Cat has been working diligently with a team of art professionals and curators to help ensure Myron’s classical approach to drawing and design will live on through his former students and the instructional material produced before his passing.

After Myron put down his brushes and started teaching full-time, Cat was omnipresent and had a front-row seat to Myron’s teachings and lectures. It wasn’t until his passing that Cat took possession of all of her father’s art that, until then, was crated and packed away for over 50 years. Cat tackled the challenge of bringing Myron’s incredible work out of the warehouse and into a newly renovated gallery space that will have its grand opening in April of 2024 in Thurmond, Maryland.

I met Cat for the first time at Myron’s 80th birthday celebration. What struck me immediately about Cat was her warm, friendly demeanor and sense of humor. But what’s really impressed me about her is her tenacity and dedication to keeping her father’s legacy alive.

I was fortunate to study with Myron; his wisdom has stayed with me and continues to inspire me today. Cat and I talk about her early days helping Myron get his art classes up and running, to the real reason why all of Myron’s art was packed away, with strict instructions to not open them.

We also talked in depth about the impact that Myron had on his thousands of students and how many went on to careers in major motion pictures, animation, architecture, interior design, photography, fine art painting, sculpting, and how she’s finding new, and creative ways to showcase her father’s amazing artwork.

Cat knows all too well the challenges she has to constantly face head on, but she also refuses to let anything stand in her way of guiding the next generation of artists to find their true path through her father’s teachings. She knew it wouldn’t be easy. But then again, nothing worth doing ever is.

Here is my AdYack with Catherine Barnstone.

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