Ad Yack: Season 4, Episode 7: Cheryl Moritz

People like to say ‘never judge a book by it’s cover.’ And my next guest on the podcast is the living embodiment of that phrase. I’m talking about the one and only Cheryl Moritz.

If you ever seen her in one of the hundreds of theatrical productions she’s appeared in, you have a good idea what I’m talking about. Or perhaps you seen her dominating the stage, or body surfing the crowd while singing her lungs out in a punk band she’s fronting. I once saw her do an entire American Advertising Awards playing a Russian spy and never broke character through the entire two hours program.

Moritz is one of those people who when she commits to something, she goes all in. Trepidation or hesitation are two words that do not apply to her.

I’ve got to watch her perform as ‘Columbia’ in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ as well Cindy Lou Who in Who’s Holiday?, and she’s an acting tour de force. Absolutely fearless.

But even with all that energy, sometimes doubt can creep in as artists are notorious for feeling like they’re never good enough. We explore that very important topic along with how she stays inspired, how she stays positive how she keeps her wonderment alive.

Another of the topics we discussed is the formation of a support group that could meet periodically to share ideas, offer constructive criticism and provide a positive outlet for anyone who works in a creative capacity. This is just a small sample of what we explored  during our interview.

I loved this conversation because Moritz was so open and vulnerable with her thoughts and answers. Don’t let her quite demeaned fool you. When she steps on a stage, or grabs a microphone  you can be sure of thing, you’re about to witness something memorable.

Here is my Ad Yack with Cheryl Moritz.

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