Ad Yack: Season 4, Episode 9: Brian Wcislo

Today on the podcast, AdYack goes international and talks to Brian Wcislo from his home in Costa Rica. In 2005, Brian co-founded 401 Creative, a Lehigh Valley-based ad agency he formed with his college roommate, Curtis Johnson.

The duo found fast success with 401, and Brian was enjoying that success when he noticed that something wasn’t quite right with his body. When multiple doctor visits turned up nothing, a quick Google search indicated he had a candida imbalance that was affecting his personality and his health. It was then that he knew a change was in order.

In 2013, 401 Creative was purchased by Weidenhammer Systems, and after his two-year employment agreement expired, Wcislo left for Costa Rica to take a three-week yoga instructor class. That three-week trip ended up lasting three months.

Wcislo has found a way to live and work that many of us only dream about. He’s found his joy through his family, his location, his meditation and yoga routines, and the work he’s currently doing for a company called Green Machine. He still may have the occasional off day, but he knows it’s temporary.

We talked about what steps anyone can take to achieve a better work/life balance, how he discovered that winning wasn’t the secret to happiness that he thought it would be, and how his life has been completely transformed from the pressure-induced craziness of running an ad agency to one where his family and his health come first.

If you’ve ever felt that there has to be more to life than working 12 hours a day, six days a week, burning the candle at both ends, you will want to make some time to listen to this interview. Wcislo has found a way to live the life he’s always wanted, right down to the fact that he used to tell his friends that one day he could see himself living in Costa Rica. This was a fascinating, informative, and deeply personal conversation.

Here is my AdYack with Brian Wcislo


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