Ad Yack: Season 4, Episode 8: Sarah Clark

Alright, Ad Yackers, today, I get to talk to someone whose work I have admired for quite some time. She is not only the owner of an ad agency, but she understands the importance of giving back to the community where she lives and works. She named her agency after an antelope known for being extremely fast, agile, and able to clear tall hurdles that get in their way.

I’m talking about Sarah Clark of Kudu Creative. I first met Sarah in 2013 when she was an art director at Mosaic Interactive, a digital agency.

We yaked it up on several topics, including client pitch meetings that go sideways, her ability to play three instruments, and her involvement in the Easton Mural Project. I also learned during our conversation that Sarah played three instruments growing up, and we dive into the profound impact music can have on both the player and the listener, as well as her approach to idea generating and how she still makes time to design while running the day to day operations of her agency.

I was surprised by her insights about Artificial intelligence when I brought the topic up,

We talked about where she sees the technology going and how, if used correctly, it can be a game changer.

Before opening her agency, Sarah studied graphic design at Minnesota State University. She worked as a web designer for Flint Communications in Fargo, North Dakota, and was an art director at Mosaic Interactive. She then decided to venture out on her own and open KUDU in September 2014.

Sarah loves the many roles she gets to inhabit: agency owner, designer, marketing strategist, Entrepreneur, and, above all, mom to her two sons.

Here is my AdYack with Sarah Clark..




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