AdYack Season Three: Episode 4, Charles Stonewall

Charles Stonewall Webster’s dictionary describes an artist as someone with the talent to create art (such as a painting, a sculpture, music, or photography) while using their conscious skill and creative imagination. So with that definition, I would say my next guest is what I would refer to as an artist’s artist. Charles Stonewall is a highly gifted and talented Lehigh valley based artist and photographer who has spent his life looking for the light and capturing it in his stunning images.

I met Charles for the first time at The Allentown Art Museum, where his work was being featured, and I felt inspired to have him as a guest here on Ad Yack after viewing one his photos that I found deeply moving. We talk about that photo during the interview. During our initial conversation at the museum, I was also captivated by his willingness to share the stories behind many of his mesmerizing images. Charles Stonewall’s journey began in Easton, PA, where his grandmother gifted him with his first camera, a Praktica, and encouraged him to use it as a source for good. Stonewall’s work has an evocative and ethereal quality to it.

His approach when creating is to use his extensive experience to see his subjects in a new light and then work diligently to create both timeless and moving work. Charles and I also discovered rather serendipitously that we both studied with Myron Barnstone. A brilliant artist and art teacher who taught a classical approach to drawing and design here in the Lehigh Valley for over 40 years. Charles explains how great art lives in our ability to be open to new experiences and to infuse those experiences into our everyday lives and work. A chance encounter at an art museum led to the interview you are about to hear. May you find it inspiring, informative, and entertaining. Here is my AdYack with Charles Stonewall.

Facebook: @charlesstonewall

Instagram: @charlesstonewallphotographer

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