AdYack Season Three: Episode 5, Tina Zaremba

For several years now, I have been experiencing the phenomenon commonly known as serendipity with greater frequency. It’s considered an unexpected fortunate discovery. But, it turns out, it happens all the time; you have to be open to experiencing it. The latest serendipitous event for me happened when I opened an email from Tina Zaremba. Her initial message was followed by a meeting over zoom, leading to an invitation to be on AdYack.

Tina is a professional voice-over actor based in New York City, where she brings fifteen-plus years of experience and has lent her voice to hundreds of commercials, promos, and corporate videos that include clients such as BNY Mellon, Tide Plus Bleach, Airwick, Pantene, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the United Way, Dunkin’ Donuts, and March Of Dimes.

In addition to working as an in-demand voice-over talent, Tina loves coaching and mentoring artists by helping them create a blueprint for a career in entertainment/new media by helping them become a ‘solo-prenuer.’ Tina studied theater at Western Michigan at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where she received the Sidney Kingsley scholarship.

One of the engaging topics we discuss is her work at the New York Film Academy in NYC, teaching artists how to ‘flip the script’ when it comes to knowing their worth and how to take charge of their artistic careers. We also discuss why coloring inside the lines is not always the best way to live a creative life.

When Tina isn’t providing her talent to various voice-over work, you can find her venturing around Harlem with her husband, son, and French Bulldog Jojo.

This was an intensely personal conversation, and I hope that as you listen to it, you discover something unexpected. Here is my AdYack with Tina Zaremba.

Facebook: @tinazarembavo

Instagram: @tinazaremba

LinkedIn: Tina Z Inc.

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