AdYack Season Three: Episode 7, Kate Hughes

SEASON FINALE! Kate Hughes – AdYack Podcast Season 3, EPISODE 7Today on the podcast, I get to interview someone who has forged a career out of always putting herself in the best light. Someone who knows the power of the pivot and whose energy is off the charts. You could light a city with the wattage that emanates from her presence.I’m talking of course about Kate Hughes. Kate is one of those people that you only need to meet once to realize that she’s impossible to forget.Kate and I yak it up on a variety of topics that include, the double edge sword of being an over thinker, or how gratitude can be a strong catalyst for change, once you fully embrace it.This interview took place at the end of a very exhausting week for both of us. Kate was undeterred. Even though it would have been easy to reschedule, Kate felt we should forge ahead. Boy, am I glad we did.Kate’s infectious attitude provided enough energy for both of us as I got to experience some of that energy during our AdYack.Our topics ranged the power of personal re-invention to how we could all benefit from a little empathy from time to time.I learned that’s she’s proud of her ability to put an efficient team together and is always ready to engage her creative side when solving life’s challenges.She’s tenacious, passionate about her family and friends and has an intense determination when it comes to getting things done.I was grateful for the time I got to spend talking to Kate. She’s on a mission and she’s not stopping until she gets where she wants to go. And she’ll do it with style, wit and a giant smile on her face.Here is my AdYack with Kate Hughes.

Instagram: @ih8kate
Facebook: @Kate Hughes
LinkedIn: Kate Hughes

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