AdYack Season Four: Episode 1, Lee Abrams

Welcome to Season 4 of AdYack.

Today on the podcast, I get to interview Mr. Lee Abrams. To say that Lee Abrams is a radio legend would be an understatement. His career has spanned over five decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Lee is credited with developing the album rock radio format, first introduced in the 70s to help stations move away from playing hit singles to more album-oriented rock. While he remains passionate about his past, he’s focused on reimagining the future. He consulted over 1,000 radio stations, 12 major print publications, and numerous tv stations and cable networks throughout the country. He’s advised bands like Iron Maiden, Yes, The Alan Parsons Project, The Moody Blues, and Bob Seger, among others. Newsweek has listed him as one of their “Top 100 Cultural Elites,” industry publication Radio Ink cited him as one of the 75 most essential radio figures ever. Abrams, served as an internal consultant for ABC Radio and helped develop nationwide radio formats such as Z-Rock andRadio Disney. Lee also co-founded XM satellite radio. I was fortunate enough to work with Lee when he was named the Chief Innovation Officer at Tribune Publishing, which owned The Morning Call Newspaper, and led the effort to inspire change and content innovation at Tribune’s print and broadcast divisions. Lee allows the people he works with to expand their comfort zones and is not afraid to support calculated risks when required. Like many visionary creative leaders, he can see past the challenges and find the opportunities that often lie hidden in the obstacles. Lee possesses that rare leadership trait that helps inspire those around him with his words and actions. He’s a deep thinker and understands the importance of a growth mindset. He is humble in his approach and with an unwavering desire to help companies re-invent themselves by assisting them to say goodbye to mediocrity. Lee and I yack it up on many topics, including what inspired him to devote his life to music and radio, his love of flying his plane, and his desire never to stop working, growing, and evolving. He’s the perfect guest to kick off Season 4. So here is my ad yack with Lee Abrams.





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