Spotlight on Marco Calderon

Spotlight on Marco Calderon

The month of March’s #AAFSpotlight shines on Marco Calderon. Marco is the Owner/Photographer at Marco Calderon Photography.

Is there still a place for analog film, or has digital taken over completely?
Film has always done something that digital sensors could not replicate. Beside my current client commitments, I am shooting a collection of images of singers in the Lehigh Valley. This film project is something that I am enjoying tremendously and am really excited about.

I first learned analog film when I was a college student (seems like it was so long ago). Therefore I am sure I will never stop shooting film … if there is film to shoot, of course.

Do you prefer color or black and white?
I believe that Black and White emphasizes the contrast of emotions. Silhouettes are something that are really powerful in black and white. Ultimately though, the truth is, I love color too. I love the emotions it conveys and I love light. Really, I am neutral, on color vs. black and white. For me, it has always been about the light, not about the color or its absence. The mood is ultimately what drives me.

Who are your influences?
Alec Soth, Chloe Dewe Mathews, and Chris Buck .

Do you have a favorite subject matter?
People, real people. I know, we should write an essay about the meaning of “real people”. Maybe next time. My mission is always to capture the story my subject is hoping to tell, or the story that I really want to convey.

What’s the most exotic location you’ve ever traveled to for a shoot?
Cuba was eye-catching 100% of the time. It was not a visit for a shoot particularly, but the truth is, I am always looking for that next shot. It counts in my book. It was perfect, and a memory that will always stick with me.

What’s the most dangerous shoot you’ve ever been on?
Once in Mexico, when I was working for a University that was collecting data from some of the indigenous Mexican groups, I was immersed in a community that did not really want me around. Needless to say, it was not a welcoming environment. Actually, it was downright scary because the locals were very frightened by my camera, and their reactions were a potential catalyst for a tough situation. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and we all made it out without any real issues.

About Marco:
Marco helps clients capture their UNIQUE story to share with the world those things that are best said through images and not words.
We all have a story. A story full of PASSION, a story full of PURPOSE that needs to be captured and told with UNCOMMON CLARITY and VISION..

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