AdYack Season Four: Episode 2, Martha DeFeo

Martha DeFeo

There are certain people you will meet throughout your life, and as soon as you meet them, you know they possess an innate ability to transcend and succeed in any environment. Martha DeFeo is one of those people. I briefly worked with Martha at Adams Outdoor Advertising, and I knew, even back then, that she was on a mission. She often encouraged and inspired people to become the best versions of themselves, in both their professional and  personal life.

She’s a seeker of knowledge, a coach, and a mentor to many of her clients, and she doesn’t give up when she believes in something, influencing others with her perseverence.

Her search for meaning and her growth mindset has played a vital role in helping her grow into who she is today. As a Marketing Consultant, Strategist, and Business Development Leader, her background has evolved from marketing & design projects, speaking presentations, content creation, and web design to now running her own agency, MILK Marketing.

Martha understands the value of authentic leadership and why you need it for sustainable growth & success. She found her purpose in helping entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses through her mentorship programs and strategic advisory work. She relies on her curiosity, creativity, and confidence every time she meets with potential clients, and we talk about how she helps those leaders embrace their courage and authenticity. Martha is proof positive that you must be willing to fail fast and learn faster if your actions aren’t delivering the desired results.

Martha and I yak it up about the transformative power creativity has in changing lives,

businesses and collaborative relationships, the lessons we learned working for an inspirational leader, the best piece of advice she’s ever received, and how it continues to inspire her to this day.

Here is my AdYack with Martha DeFeo


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